This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

A version Apha 7.x is under construction. A complete documentation for this version will come here soon.

In the mean time, a serie of video exists here to show how to use it basically.

This version comes with a Shell scripts Editor with syntax highlighting, based on ScintillaNet, and a JSON Editor with syntax highlighting, based on ZeToken's Editor and Scintilla. Both can be used to edit install/uninstall/upgrade scripts as well as install/uninstall/upgrade wizards

Find here the documentation of the previous version (CTP 4.2). 

NB.: Version CTP 6.1. won't be documented but you can read the release notes, on top of documentation of the CTP 4.2. The main difference is that CTP 6.1 comes with a dependency on Scintilla.Net (x86) to edit the scripts with syntax highlighting. But its does not include ZeToken's Editor for install/uninstall/upgrade wizards (this comes with Alpha 7.x)


Main Screen

Configure here your Package with main information and add one item for each shortcut to be added into your DSM (items can be Url's, Shell Scripts or php/html applications)


Script Editor

You can edit you Shell Scripts within an editor with syntax highlighting, based on ScintillaNet. Those Shell Scripts can be either items to be added as shortcuts onto your DSM or start/stop and pre/post-install/uninstall/upgrade Scripts to be used by your package (see next screenshot for the menu to add such Scripts). 

Runner Editor

A default Php Scripts is used to execute the Shell Scripts on your NAS and display the output in real time. I named that Php Script a "runner". A custom Runner can be created for each Shell Script (See the tab "Runner Editor" in the screenshot above).

Wizard Editor

You can add install, uninstall or upgrade Wizards (UI) into your package and edit those Wizards with an Editor based on ZeToken's Json Editor. Don't worry, context menu will guide you in adding Steps in your wizards and Items in those Steps (like Text Boxes, Combo Boxes, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Password Boxes).

(Notice the menu to Edit the Default Runner, Start/Stop Scripts and Pre/Post install/uninstall/upgrade Scripts mentioned upper). 


Latest versions of the Wizard Editor (Alpha 7.3) comes with JSON Syntax highlighting, and Wizard Preview.

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